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Come along and dance with Dance Hub

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Welcome to Ukulele

  • It's Contagious Fun!

    If you have ever played a catchy song around a baby, you may have seen the baby start to dance, followed by a smile or laugh. It's almost like it's built in as an automatic reaction. We Dance. We Smile. We have fun!!

  • On your Own or Bring a Friend

    Modern Jive is a partner dance, but that doesn't mean you need to bring your own. All our regular classes are rotational. You will have the opportunity to dance with Newcomers, Friends, Not-So-Newcomers, Strangers, Teachers, and those soon to become friends. Of course if you have a partner to bring, be it your Husband, Wife, Daughter, Father, Neighbour or the Stranger you just met on the bus, Bring them along!

  • Socialise!

    Modern Jive is loved by people from all walks of life. When you join a dance class you can socialise with and befriend people who otherwise would never cross your path.

  • Compete!

    Competing is not for everyone, but if you are interested in letting out your competitive side. We have teachers who have competed and performed at the top level and are willing to help you as you enter the world of competitive dancing.

  • For that Special Occasion!

    We can also provide you with private lessons for that special occassion.

The Premier Wellington Dance Hub

We run weekly Social Dancing sessions with a 45 minute Instructional Introduction in Petone. Private Lessons can be held anywhere in the Greater Wellington Region with an available hall.

Our Instructors combine their experience of Ballroom, Ballet, Scottish Country Dancing and many other dance syles to give you the best introduction to Modern Jive.  They take their experience of being National Champions with multiple titles, including the Advanced Open Category which includes High Impact dance moves such as those performed in Dirty Dancing, to help you take your dancing to any level that you choose. Using their experience as teachers in their professional lives means even the newest dancer can dance Modern Jive.

If you have a special day coming up, our teachers can choreograph a unique Wedding Dance to your favourite tune.


(No Fixed Terms)

(No Partner Required)

(No Prior Dancing Experince Required)