Learn to dance the Modern Jive way for as little as $15!

COVID-19 Level 1 : Yes we are open but cannot supply water or snacks
Stay Hydrated and Energised.  Please bring your own.

Are there any other tips?

  • The floor is for dancing, walk around the edge of the dance floor rather than trying to thread your way through the dancers
  • Take off sharp rings, bracelets, hair pieces and keep your nails short.
  • If you are sharing, learning or practicing new moves, do it off to the side of the dance floor.
  • If the dance floor is crowded, do not take up excessive space or travel from area to area.
  • Look around and behind you so you don’t crash into others.
  • Aerials & lifts are for competitions and performances only and can be dangerous when used on the social dance floor, never lift on a crowded dancefloor and never without permission
  • Do not drink and dance, if you have had too much to drive, you’ve had too much to dance.
  • Make sure your breath is fresh and use a deodorant.
  • Manage your wellbeing; drink plenty of liquids at long sessions.
  • See one of our crew for a first aid kit for minor injuries